Friday, 7 May 2010

black book project

I'm so happy and excited to be one of the winners of H&M black book project.
I can't wait to see tees with my photo on them at the stores xxx Now I'm at facebook
add me :)


  1. вау супер поздравляю! :)

  2. i did really think your are skillful .. and love the way you write(gemma ward)and i kinda like your picture you posted whtever on facebook ,flicker..hah..just keep going on..! art is a commen launage we speak and we are learning..

  3. omg! perfect! i have to buy this one! best wishes!

  4. wow! congrats, you did a great job! definately need one of those.
    xxx Isabel

  5. This is so awesome. i just bought this shirt today and it's so funny that i just found your blog. now i'm running around with your picture on my shirt, that's pretty cool :)

  6. I've bought this shirt yesterday!
    And I LOVEEE IT!