Saturday, 28 August 2010


Here are the portraits of my friends from St.Petersburg:Ann and Yumi.I miss'em so much :(

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

rainbow sasha

new freaky version of sasha pivovarova by me

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

grunge tuesday

In this season I observed a real blast from the past on the runway.It's an insane mixture of decades: womanly silhouettes from the 50s, clear forms of 60s,bohemian chic of 70s and grunge grubbiness of 90s...So today the talk is going to be about the last. Grunge as a musical genre took place at the end of 80s untill the mid 90s (untill I was born haha).Like any musical direction, grunge generated a whole subculture and the style of clothes,naturally.For me the only person it's associated with is Kurt Cobain,and not only because Nirvana is the only grunge band wnich I'm really fond of.He's the one and only who's a real icon of 90s.


What is grunge?For me it's youth,difficult teen age,which has its own charm,I think.So,if you want to look like a daughter of Kurt (or like Kurt himself,OK),you should follow some rules to create a grunge look.
The general feature of grunge is multilayer clothes.You can wear a tee under a slightly cast-off cardigan and put on a denim or lether jacket over this magnificence.Don't forget about the pair of raggy jeans,"killed" converse sneakers,dr.martens or militari boots.The tee can be replaced by the striped or celled formless shirt(don't stuck it into pants,it's for intellectuals not for rebellious souls as we are) and the jeans can be replaced by the long skirt.Everything should be messy but stylish!And at last you got to untie your hair,put on cap-toe and you're turning into the brand-new grunge star,a rebel from 90s,call it as you like,because anyway you're trendy.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

school is coming

So,I have to face the truth:I have to go to school in two weeks and begin to study for the whole days and nights till my eyes starts to bleed.No,I'm not against the idea of visiting school again,on the contrary I like it!It's a good chance to wear all this beautiful fall clothes which I had been missing for these three piping-hot summer months.What to wear to school has always been an important,I'd say,essential problem for hundreds of teen-girls.You should be both neat and chic,and also feel comfortable.From my point of view,the life wouldn't be possible without HOODIES.
You can wear it with leather or denim jacket like Abbey.

Though,wearing hoodie as the main part of image is pretty cool too.It gives a feeling of kinda messy hip-hop style,which I adore.

Certainly,hoodies are tend to be very comfortable,but you shouldn't forget about school uniform.Fashion uniform!"It's a school,not playground"-as my mommy once told me.There's always an alternative to dull school clothes.For example,you can wear extremely relevant in this season pants rolled on the ankle or wide flared one and cute t-shirt,laced shirt or blouse with beautiful bow.Modestly? Yes. Dull? No.
If you're sticking to more conservative style,you should pay attention to Proenza Schouler fall/winter collection.The guys show us the models as the students of some english boarding school:pleated skirts,cellular сoats and fur jackets a-la children of war.And look at this boots,they're just AWESOME!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

ethnique Sunday

Sometimes I wonder why in such multinational state as Russia,which consists of hundreds…no,thousands of different nationalities people wear such boring and grey clothes.I don’t speak about wearing a hip of different clothes according to one’s origin,I’m about to ask a question,how can they leave this fact without attention and how can’t they be inspired by it? While we continue to be such slow-minded,designers are emboding the ideas into the real life and point their fingers in order to show us what to do!But not only them who teach us how to adapt ethinque to life,look at my beloved Abbey Lee whose style is just HILARIOUS
Check-it :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunday, 8 August 2010


When I closed the last page of august issue of Russian Vogue, I thought quietly to myself : “It’s certainly such issue which I will do read again not even twice.Alyona is doing well and her magazine is really getting better and more interesting!”.What an epic fail had been waiting for me when in two days ,in fresh Grazia I read that Doletskaya has left the post of editor-in-chief of this notable magazine. However, the epic fail had been waiting not only for the girl Ksusha living in fumy Moscow, but also for the boys Karl and Jean Paul living in Paris,and for the others boys&girls from the fashion world.OK,Alyona isn’t dead, she’s alive and probably preparing to struck our minds by something brand-new,but this isn’t the point of my message .The last issue under Alyona’s editing really had a great influence on me.It gave a kind of a push to change the way I’m living, the way I’m perceiving myself and my appearance.(Chekhov said : “People should be beautiful in every way—in their faces, in the way they dress, in their thoughts and in their innermost selves”. no damn avoiding) Every time I read about French women the voice inside me crying into my ears: “Look like them!!Be smart and love yourself!! Eat baguette, bite cheese, drink wine and SMILE!!!” It’s impossible for us to be French, because we’re not. And it’s not necessary! But it won’t hurt us to be a lil’ bit like them.So from what should I start my difficult way to enlightenment?

1. I’m going to be more gentle and delicate to people and stop looking at strangers with the stare of Jack the ripper.

2. I’ll stop tearing myself by self-analysis and begin to take and love myself as I am. As the god had created me.
3.I’m going to wear heels more often and work out my own style:simple but refined,floppy (to remain to be myself) but elegant.And I’m going to buy clothes using THE BRAIN (“look how cute they are” doesn’t work anymore).
So,here’s the inspiration.

How surprised I was when I found such awesome trousers in my wardrobe!(by the way,I love them ,but they didn’t match with my hipster bomber jacket)

Dior,Cloe and Michael Kors fall ready-to-wear collections are giving me creeps.They are so inspirational!I’d wear everything…er…practically everything.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Inspiration Wednesday

My tastes in music is always changing.Several months ago I was feeling like a brutal punk( I said FEEL not look) and my iphone was filled with the clash,sex pistols and buzzcocks.Today I'm mad about listening hip-hop and buying hoodies.But no matter how it can be:jazz and ROCK'N'ROLL always reminds to be in my heart.I believe that this music just a part of the blood in my veins.I get used to it since the earliest days of my life.The cause is my dad actually.In 50s he used to be a russian teenager with hair covered by the grease and this funny looking white socks sticking out of the boots.Mod.I believe that he's still such in his heart.

There's not only music which I'm fond of,it's clothes,dancing,haircuts and totally movies about rock'n'roll times!

I just want to say THANK YOU to Buddy Holly,saint Elvis,Louis Armstrong,Ray Charles,Jerry Lee lewis with his fire balls and other beloved guys which make my heart doing boogie-woogie.



Monday, 2 August 2010


I was really inspired by the latest issue of Vogue,here's the cover made by my sick hands haha.

greek holidays and self-distrust

There's something special in Greece,I guess,'cus it made me return there again.I had quite pleasent time wandering about the streets of Corfu town and swimming in the cleanest (and the saltiest as hell) sea.
It was like:

And I used to walk along the shore like this in my h&m "smt like a dress or shirt":

and sitting on the sunbed like this:

I've bought a lot of cool things for my beloved and,of course,FOR MYSELF.I even quarelled with mommy about that several times.So what can I do if I'm fond of useless stuff,huh? The most important "look-how-cute-they-are" things which I bought was another one Chanel nail colour and clubmasters by rayban (don't mind about how much they are original,by the way they're stunning,i believe).
So,it's good to be back and blogging again.You know,when I opened blogspot,I had an extreme desire to write some life-important post about growing up and self-changing,about realizing that I'm only 15-year-old silly teengirl and I've got all my life to leave and I'VE GOT ALL MY LOVE TO GIVE,but,I'M SURE, it would be kinda dull for you to read all this pseudo-phylosophical nonsense.You know,I've suddenly realized that I don't have to be so nervous about my life and I shouldn't wear such pathetic expression on my face all the time.I told myself:"Hey,you're just a bloody kid, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE,SHUT UP!!".