Tuesday, 24 August 2010

grunge tuesday

In this season I observed a real blast from the past on the runway.It's an insane mixture of decades: womanly silhouettes from the 50s, clear forms of 60s,bohemian chic of 70s and grunge grubbiness of 90s...So today the talk is going to be about the last. Grunge as a musical genre took place at the end of 80s untill the mid 90s (untill I was born haha).Like any musical direction, grunge generated a whole subculture and the style of clothes,naturally.For me the only person it's associated with is Kurt Cobain,and not only because Nirvana is the only grunge band wnich I'm really fond of.He's the one and only who's a real icon of 90s.


What is grunge?For me it's youth,difficult teen age,which has its own charm,I think.So,if you want to look like a daughter of Kurt (or like Kurt himself,OK),you should follow some rules to create a grunge look.
The general feature of grunge is multilayer clothes.You can wear a tee under a slightly cast-off cardigan and put on a denim or lether jacket over this magnificence.Don't forget about the pair of raggy jeans,"killed" converse sneakers,dr.martens or militari boots.The tee can be replaced by the striped or celled formless shirt(don't stuck it into pants,it's for intellectuals not for rebellious souls as we are) and the jeans can be replaced by the long skirt.Everything should be messy but stylish!And at last you got to untie your hair,put on cap-toe and you're turning into the brand-new grunge star,a rebel from 90s,call it as you like,because anyway you're trendy.


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