Monday, 2 August 2010

greek holidays and self-distrust

There's something special in Greece,I guess,'cus it made me return there again.I had quite pleasent time wandering about the streets of Corfu town and swimming in the cleanest (and the saltiest as hell) sea.
It was like:

And I used to walk along the shore like this in my h&m "smt like a dress or shirt":

and sitting on the sunbed like this:

I've bought a lot of cool things for my beloved and,of course,FOR MYSELF.I even quarelled with mommy about that several times.So what can I do if I'm fond of useless stuff,huh? The most important "look-how-cute-they-are" things which I bought was another one Chanel nail colour and clubmasters by rayban (don't mind about how much they are original,by the way they're stunning,i believe).
So,it's good to be back and blogging again.You know,when I opened blogspot,I had an extreme desire to write some life-important post about growing up and self-changing,about realizing that I'm only 15-year-old silly teengirl and I've got all my life to leave and I'VE GOT ALL MY LOVE TO GIVE,but,I'M SURE, it would be kinda dull for you to read all this pseudo-phylosophical nonsense.You know,I've suddenly realized that I don't have to be so nervous about my life and I shouldn't wear such pathetic expression on my face all the time.I told myself:"Hey,you're just a bloody kid, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE,SHUT UP!!".


  1. nice photos,
    especially the second one :)

  2. love the second and the last one :)
    cute blog :P