Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Inspiration Wednesday

My tastes in music is always changing.Several months ago I was feeling like a brutal punk( I said FEEL not look) and my iphone was filled with the clash,sex pistols and buzzcocks.Today I'm mad about listening hip-hop and buying hoodies.But no matter how it can be:jazz and ROCK'N'ROLL always reminds to be in my heart.I believe that this music just a part of the blood in my veins.I get used to it since the earliest days of my life.The cause is my dad actually.In 50s he used to be a russian teenager with hair covered by the grease and this funny looking white socks sticking out of the boots.Mod.I believe that he's still such in his heart.

There's not only music which I'm fond of,it's clothes,dancing,haircuts and totally movies about rock'n'roll times!

I just want to say THANK YOU to Buddy Holly,saint Elvis,Louis Armstrong,Ray Charles,Jerry Lee lewis with his fire balls and other beloved guys which make my heart doing boogie-woogie.

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