Monday, 27 September 2010

dissapointment and coats

HEY-HEY!So guys,I have to say "I'm sorry" for not writing during such a big period of time.And it's rather natural that you have forgotten about me and my "blog".All of my time goes on lessons,homework,social networking and sleeping.It's a school thing,you know.I've spent two sleepless night thinking about the subjet of a post that I'm going to create.So thanks god after reading the latest issue of rus vogue the topic appeared in my head by fukking MAGIC.After closing the last page of the magazine,the only thing that I wanted to do it's to roar of despair.So,here comes THE BRAND NEW EDITOR.Her manner of feeding fashion returns me back to soviet union.The only suitable word is "tasteless".So I'm full of doubts about buying the next number.It will be more clever to buy a magazine about cooking.
Today I opened my facebook inbox and read a message containig a question asking what to wear this autumn.Certainly,the answer is quite obvious.I think the best thing to wear is a coat.Fortunately there are billion types and designs of coats from classic to smt super-crazy-extra-ordinary.I decided to make a little review through the fall 2010 rtw collections.Here are my favorites.
You can wear smt black like dracula,camel like models at Chloe and Hermes shows,smt cozy like Dolce and Gabanna and something extra-cute as Miu Miu.I'm fascinated by the kenzo red coat.Sonia's is awesome,but too freaky to wear daily.I wish I bought kenzo one.It's so hilarious that I'm nearly crying.As my friend Sasha sais:"Tears aren't money,girl".
P.S. I don't wanna speak about leather jackets,I'm tired of'em.

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