Monday, 31 January 2011

A week ago I promised to restart my blog after the successful passing of my english project,as I was so desperately inspired by the discussing designers and fashion blogs with my friend Nick.I'd really like to make it more(MORE) popular,beautiful and interesting,which is quite a business,as it's hard to find smt appealing in the world of fashion when you sit in front of your laptop,having no ability to visit even the one bloody fashion show and doing absolutely nothing.But,if you're having a willingness,everything is possible,alright.
So,I believe that you've already seen the latest couture shows,I cannot but express my opinion about Christian Dior.When I was surfing through the collection,I had a constant feeling of watching Disney movie or smt like that.To say that it is beautiful is to say absolutely nothing,IT'S MARVELOUS.The first part of the collection consists of devilish red dresses(Lindsey Wixon was just born for this part,she looks very organically) and the second part is airy and pastel.I wonder if John Galliano wanted to say something symbolic by this contrast.

I'm dreaming of having a dress like these for my prom.

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