Monday, 21 February 2011

Sometimes I come to the idea that I'm the one of these depressive girls who wait for the magic changes which are supposed to be brought by the beginning of spring.The worst thing that it's really so.But what else should I do living such a miserable teenage life if not hoping for the best?Being honest,I'm rather tired of this crap.
I bought a ticket to Pete Doherty's show which takes place at the end of march.God,I'm feeling so cool and I believe I'm going to meet there a boy which will be as cool as me and we'll be cool together(this is not the only reason why I'm going to the show) .I'm hoping to go to the Russian fashion week, somehow I don't know, and meet new people and take a lot of photos(I've had a strong inspiration by backstage photos recently).I'M GOING TO WEAR MY STUNNING HAT.In May I will go to st.Petersburg and have an AMAZING time with my friends which I haven't seen for ages.
So spring is so promising.

some wonderful faces from LFW.


  1. Your blog is very inspiring!
    I saw your outfits on, you look really amazing!

    Start dreaming on

  2. your illustrations are amazing <3