Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko fall/winter 2011-2012

This Thursday was one of the most sacred day in my biography,when finally I received an opportunity to visit the fashion show.I was one of those lucky devils who had a chance to see the debut collection of Ulyana Sergeenko.At first,when I entered the territory of "Artplay"(the place where the show was held,kind of former factory,I guess),I didn't feel awkward,I felt AWFULLY AWKWARD,as it was my first event of that kind and I didn't even realize at all how to act and,I'd say,serve myself.There were a lot of people around me pretending to be super stylish and eccentric who drank champagne and ate ice-cream,that I didn't even try to hang up with them (I'm too shy and even antisocial sometimes,yeah).At the same time I was filled by the emotions.I felt happiness of being a part of something beautiful and fascinating and a terrible desire to be bathed in cold water,because of the shame and unbearable swelter.

Finally,I took my seat which was pretty awesome,as it was on the 3d row behind Ksusha Sobchak and other cool people.What about the show and collection itself-it was just marvelous,I was in love.The looks were magnificent,and I can admit that I'd wear everything,for sure.It was a beautiful mixture of American 50s and Russian folk,some looks even had something from royal family in themselves.One of the most remarkable looks was one with muff-truly chic.The only thing,which confused me was footwear.Sometimes it was really familiar to McQueen.I'm not saying that it's a sin or some kind of a crime,on the contrary I believe that there's nothing wrong to admire and to be inspired by the genius.A single word about the atmosphere reigning on the runway:in spite of the fact that it was fall/winter collection, runway was as beautiful as blooming meadow.I heard the birds singing and it gave me such a relaxing and fresh feeling!

Leaving the show on my aching because of the heels feet,I felt so pleased and happy!At the end, I realize that I have a strong desire to work and live in the sphere fashion and journalism for fair.It was my first fashion show and it was a wonderful experience.

Here are some pics,though I'm not a great shooter.